16 ~ The Wife’s Tale by Lori Lansens

I’m giving this book 3 stars because it kept me engaged and I found I wanted to know the end result of Mary’s dilemma. One of two stars lacking is due to the conclusion, or lack thereof. I know there are literary techniques and mysterious endings left up to only our imaginations – this was not the case with The Wife’s Tale. To me, it felt like the ending had been torn out of the book and I was looking for the place where the missing pages should be.

Mary’s tale and her struggle with food and marriage was entertaining but I think she was not an example of a strong woman. The only reason she even loses weight is because she mysteriously loses her taste for food which isn’t very believable. In reality people with marriage struggles do not have their spouse up and disappear one day leaving them $25,000 in their bank account to spend however they would like, in this case an extended trip to California. I felt like Mary was constantly waiting, waiting for her food addiction to disappear, waiting for husband to come back, waiting for the world to fall into her lap. All this to say, it was still a good read and kept me engaged but not highly realistic.






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