Family Literacy Day January 27, 2017

As an avid reader and mother of two, I am really excited for Family Literacy Day January 27th, 2017! It is a chance for us to actively try to spend at least 15 minutes of our day reading to ourselves, to our children, and/or to play any sort of game with our family that includes reading. Many libraries and schools across Canada are participating in different Family Literacy Day events for good reason. In a statement from the Government of Canada:

“Strong literacy and essential skills are so important for children’s success at school and adults’ success at work. That is why our government is investing in skills development and proudly joining Canadians in celebrating Family Literacy Day”


The Leduc Public Library is hosting an event for Family Literacy Day and is also part of a Canada wide challenge to read ANYTHING for 15 minutes (this also includes blogs, web sites, magazines). Leduc Public Library web site for Family Literacy Day: Make sure to log your 15 minutes of reading tomorrow on this website to help Leduc be the most “read” city in Canada this year!

There are also events all across Canada and a list by Province can be found here:

There are so many ways to include reading in your family activities. We love to read to our children at bedtime, even our son who is 9 has always looked forward to getting another few chapters read to him at the end of the day (our current series is “The 39 Clues“). Reading not only helps him calm down before bed but also requires us as parents to stop whatever household chores etc. that we are doing and spend some time with our kids. After years of reading to our kids, it is nice to see them excited to bring home their school library books or pick out new books at our Public Library. Kids take so much pride in their reading skills as well. They get excited to show you how they can read and I think it is important to give them a chance to read to you once in a while too. Occasionally if my kids are bored or I am busy I will even get my older child to read a book his younger sibling. I always think he will refuse when I ask him but he takes so much pride in knowing how to read that he will sit and read it to his sister using as much inflection as he knows how to at his age.

For some lists of books that are age appropriate for your children I found a few good websites which categorize book recommendations based on age: (this site also has app recommendations for learning and vocabulary games etc.) and





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