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So what is Read 50 and what is this blog all about? Hopefully this can answer those questions for you:

For the past six years I (Adrienne) have made a personal goal to Read 50 books in a year. I want to emphasize that READ 50 is a FUN goal for me but I recognize that for many people this is seen as more of a challenge. I am also a huge advocate of libraries and think they are pretty essential to accomplishing any reading goals. I discovered the world of free ebooks through our local library, the Leduc Public Library, as well as learned the art (and it IS an art) of downloading audiobooks to my iPod. Read 50 isn’t about dedicating every spare minute of the day to reading books, but rather a conscious decision to read more. We all have those random pieces of papers and emails of book titles recommended from friends and family so why not read some of them?

A lot of people ask me how I find the books I read and do I buy a lot of books. To be honest, I actually only bought 2 hardcover books last year and a couple of kindle ebooks; most of the books I read were loaned from the library. For book recommendations I scan top 50 lists and prize-winning books on websites such as Chapters/Indigo, and then I request them from my library. The requests usually take a couple of weeks to come in but I am usually reading another book in the meantime. Sometimes I will request several books at a time as they never all come in at once anyways.

       Random Fact: Did you know if your library doesn’t carry a book you have been hoping for, you can write/email/talk to them and they can purchase it for their circulation?

     I also subscribe to Overdrive which is as free service on many library memberships. Overdrive has a ton of free ebooks and audiobooks and you can also place a hold for books which have already been digitally “checked-out”. I have also seen on Amazon that they have a “free” section of their kindle books. As mentioned earlier, I rarely purchase books, but when I do it is always for the new released books of my favourite authors so I can keep a copy of the books to read again or loan to friends. P.S. audiobooks are the best-ever for cardio days at the gym; they make a workout on the bike go by quicker for sure.

In 2015 I wanted to stretch my goal and apply myself to more of a mental challenge for my Read 50. I decided to review and blog about the books I read. O.K. I wrote it in sort of a happy purple so it looks a lot easier than it actually was; we all know the best New Years Resolutions are the ones we do not tell anyone about. For a little help and inspiration I turned to Google and discovered Goodreads.com, which is an excellent site to get book recommendations, reviews and see what your friends are reading. I began inputting MY book lists and reviews and discovered that Goodreads.com allows me to copy/link any reviews I make to my personal blog, which is awesome! So…TA DA here it is!

On a more personal level, I am a stay-at-home mom of two children and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology with a Minor in English. I casually work as an EA in the public school system as well as enjoy baking as a hobby (feel free to check out my food blog: evenabratcanmakeit.wordpress.com). I find staying at home with my children fulfilling but miss the learning environment of university. Many of the books I read are easy to read and entertaining, but I also like to throw in an educational or historical book once in a while.

It is still early in 2017 and I really have a short list of books I want to read at this point so I would love any recommendations for great books and I’ll add them to my “To Read” list.

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  1. C.

    I did it…. ! I am still reading the same old same old, put you to sleep books. But it works for me right now. 🙂


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