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9 ~ Fall From Grace by David Ashton

Fall From Grace is the second book in David Ashton’s Inspector McLevy series. The first book of the series is Shadow of the Serpent. With several merging storylines, this novel took me a bit to get into but by the end of the book I was sucked into the story of Inspector McLevy. The setting is Edinburgh, Scotland and the plot thickens around a suspicious bridge construction which will ultimately lead to the Tay Bridge disaster. Inspector McLevy weaves together fraud, theft, murder and faulty bridge construction to bring justice to all involved. ┬áHis counterparts Constable Mulholland and Lieutenant Roach both have their own share of troubles but all work separately to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Inspector McLevy comes across as a strange, unsympathetic and unkempt man but his character is well constructed and believable. There is also enough action and conflict in the plot to keep the reader engaged although at times it can be difficult to follow. I have not yet had the chance to read the first book of the series Shadow of the Serpent but I will definitely be excited to read it once I am able to obtain a copy!




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